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Work Permit

What is a work permit or visa? It is a document or authorization granted by Canada for non-Canadians or permanent residents to work. There are open and closed work permits. No one can work in Canada without being authorized to do so, so you should consult with us to determine your eligibility to obtain a work permit, although there are certain activities that do not require a work permit.

Closed work permit: It is a specific work permit designating you to work with an employer, how long you can work, the location where you can work (if applicable), the type of activity to be carried out, etc. Open work permit: An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada, except for an ineligible employer or for sex work. You can obtain one when you come to study or through a working holiday visa, among others. What is a Postgraduate work permit?

It is an open work permit, temporary in nature.

The work experience acquired with PGWP, (can) make you eligible to become a permanent resident of Canada, through provincial nominations or Canadian experience class.

How do I obtain a work permit or visa?

To apply for a visa or work permit, you need: ​

Job offer and/or employment contract.

Financial resources to cover travel expenses to Canada and/or immigration process (if applicable).

Pass medical and safety exams (if applicable).

Have verifiable work experience in employment (references-letters-recommendations).

Have academic certifications (technician degree or bachelor's degrees, PhD, certificates).

Can I pursue my career? To practice a regulated profession, you need to have the corresponding license.

But you can apply for a job from outside Canada to gain Canadian work experience. For example, a nurse can apply as a nurse's aide. A teacher as a teacher's assistant, etc. But don't be discouraged, once in Canada, you can begin your homologation. ​​​​​Requirements for a job in Canada

Apply on websites such as Job Bank Canada, Indeed, provincial jobs pages.

Work experience (preferred) in an in-demand job in Canada. Academic studies and/or certified training, and references from your previous work experience(s).

Finding a job is free, and you don't need to pay to have your CV/resume.

Do you want us to teach you how to use Job Bank Canada, and write your resume the Canadian way?

When scheduling a consultation, we tell you the best immigration plan for you to come to Canada, we explain how to use Job Bank Canada, so that you can make your CV/resume and apply for jobs.

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