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Sponsorship of other Relatives

Can I bring my siblings to Canada?

Whether you want to invite your siblings to Canada depends on how long they will stay.

If they want to live in Canada, you will have to sponsor them.

Sponsoring means, starting a process with the government of Canada, being financially responsible for them.

In case you want they visit you for a few months, probably depending on their nationality, they need an electronic travel permit, visa or just a passport.

Check our tourist visa section for additional information.

Sponsorship of other family members:

Under special circumstances, Canada allows you to sponsor family members who are not part of your immediate household. ​

You can bring:

1. Orphaned brother, nephew or grandson: ​

You can sponsor a brother, nephew or grandson, as long as:

There is a blood relationship or through adoption.

The parents (mom and dad) have passed away.

They are minors.

They are single (not married or in a common law relationship or in a conjugal partnership relationship).

You cannot sponsor a brother, nephew or grandson, if:

One of the parents (mom or dad) is alive.

The whereabouts of the parents (mom or dad) is unknown.

He or her has been abandoned by his parents.

He or her is under the care of someone (not a father or mother), and the father or mother is alive.

The parents or only one of them are serving a sentence in prison or another similar condition.

2. Other family members:

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor a relative by blood or adoption of any age, if they meet all of the requirements, and the sponsor does not have any of the following living relatives, whom he/she can sponsor: ​

Spouse, common law partner,or conjugal partner.




Orphan brother.

Orphaned nephew.

Orphan grandson.

Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident? What are you waiting for to sponsor your loved ones?

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Mr. Alejandro González, is fully eqquiped with the Canadian immigration knowledge to assist you with finding the best immigration avenue to sponsor your family member to Canada.

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