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Express Entry

Express Entry was created in 1967.

It is for people with work experience, who wish to live in Canada permanently, and become Canadian citizens.

​​​​​What are the parameters to participate?

In principle to be elegible to the Express Entry system, the candidate must have the minimum requirements:

1.    Work experience of at least one year within the last 10 years before applying, in a job TEER 0.1, 2.3.

2.    English level of 7 according to the CLB, or 7 in French according to the NCLC, if you have a second official language of Canada the level must be 5.

3.    Educational level that proves that the applicant is a qualified worker.

4.    Financial funds to stay in Canada or have a genuine job offer.

5.    Have the intention to live in any Canadian province, except Quebec.

6.    Be admissible to Canada.

​​​​​How many points do I need to have to be able to create my profile in the system?

You will be evaluated based on a points system (FSW eligibility points grid), whose maximum score is 100.

If you mark 60 points out of 100, you will be able to present your application in the system, and continue to the next level, the CRS ( Comprehensive Ranking System).

The express entry FSW Eligibility Points Grids point scale is as follows:

1. Education: 25 points

2. English level: 28 points

3. Work Experience: 15 points

4. Age: 12 points

5. Job offer in Canada: 10 points

6. Adaptability: 10 points.

How does Express Entry work?

Step 1: Verify that you meet the eligibility elements of the Eligibility Points Grids.

Step 2: If you mark 67 points or more, you will be able to generate your account and participate in CRS.

Step 3: On the CRS, if you collect the draw points, you will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

Step 4: Apply for permanent residence. If you do not have enough points on the CRS, it is advisable to find a job or provincial nominations to increase your score.

This immigration avenue is ideal for people who are outside Canada and have the characteristics that the program requires, to migrate to Canada, without having to have a prior job offer or study in Canada.

Book your immigration appointment now, with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Mr. Alejandro Gonzalez, who will assess you to verify your eligibility to migrate as a permanent resident under this immigration avenue.

You can reside anywhere in the world, as long as your meet the requirements.

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