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Family Sponsorship

Sponsorship of Spouses and Children A Canadian citizen or permanent resident, of legal age, can sponsor family members to Canada, such as:


Conjugal Partner.

Common Law Partner, and

Dependent children under 22 years of age and those children over 25 years of age, still dependent of their parents for reasons of disability or studies.

To sponsor them, the sponsors must assure the Canadian government in writing (sponsorship agreement) that they will be financially responsible for them (relatives coming to Canada), for a specific period of time.

How much financial resources should I have?

There is no specific amount requirement to sponsor your spouse, common law partner or dependent children.

Only the following cases must demonstrate resources:

Those sponsored who have a dependent under their care.

Spouse or Common law partner whose dependent are responsible for his or her own dependent.

​Are same-sex marriages or common law partner relationship valid in Canada?

They must be legally registered in a country, in order to be recognized as such in Canada.

In the case of Conjugal Partners, the couple must:

Have been together for at least 12 consecutive months, and demonstrate the genuineness of their relationship.

What is sponsorship under the Conjugal Partner stream?

It is for couples who, for legal, religious reasons, sexual orientation and/or immigration status, have not been able to live together for at least a year, and where one of the members is outside of Canada.

In these cases, the sponsor (spouse in Canada) must demonstrate:

1. Level of commitment to the sponsor (spouse abroad)

2. Genuineness of the marital relationship.

3. Reasons that have prevented them from living together.

Do you need legal help in case of domestic violence?

Do you currently live in Canada and are waiting for a decision on your permanent residency application?

Are you facing family violence? Are you afraid to leave your abusive spouse or domestic partner for fear of losing your immigration status? We can help you apply for a special permit to remain in Canada. It is called a temporary residence permit (TRP), which will grant you legal immigration status in Canada.

You can also obtain this permit for your children if they are in Canada.

Book your immigration consultation with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Mr. Alejandro Gonzalez, who has the expertise and experience to help you bring your family to Canada, with you!

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