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Who is Alejandro Gonzalez?

Updated: Mar 23

I'm Alejandro González. I am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. Furthermore, I am originally from Venezuela. Likewise, I immigrated (2016) to Ecuador, the United States (2018), and finally, Canada in December 2020. Please continue reading to find out how I can help you.

Alejandro is a Venezuelan lawyer
A picture of me at the Gondola Caracas, in 2015

I'm an immigrant like you!

Due to the economic and social crisis, in addition to political persecution, I left Venezuela in July 2016.

In Ecuador, I began to practice immigration law since I myself prepared my application to obtain my immigration papers, and I also worked as a Visa Clerk for the NGO Asylum Access Ecuador.

After a year in this country, I decided to migrate to the United States.

Venezuelan lawyer licensed to practice in Ecuador
I have a lawyer's license in Ecuador

A new beginning in the United States!

Alejandro in New York in 2018
My first time in Central Park - New York in March 2018

I landed at John F. Kennedy Airport - New York, on March 14, 2018, at 12:35 am, from Quito with a tourist visa and with many doubts and concerns about my immigration future in the United States.

After much thought, I decided to claim asylum in the United States in September 2016.

In New York, I worked in jobs such as dishwasher, waiter, while taking English classes, to improve my communication skills in order to apply for another type of job.

Later, I served as a Patient Navigator at a Community Health Center. I helped asylum seekers, undocumented immigrants and other immigrants to get health insurance, medical care, referrals to job training, English classes, housing, and immigration services.

Regarding my refugee claim, it was referred to the immigration court due to the fact that I had obtained permanent immigration status in a third country.

Due to family sponsorship, I withdrew my asylum case, and I requested authorization for voluntary departure from the United States, to the immigration court.

Consequently, in December 2020 I arrived in Canada as a permanent resident!

Finally, Canada!

Once in Canada, following my passion of working and helping immigrants, I graduated from the Diploma in Laws, Policies, and Procedures in Canadian Immigration. Then I obtained the license of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant accredited by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) of Canada, which authorizes me to advise you legally to come to Canada.

As you can see, to make your Canadian dream real, it takes time, planning, and preparation.

Alejandro is an Immigration Consultant and Coach for CanadaCanada
CN Tower in Toronto

We hope that this article has been helpful to you; if you want to talk to me to guide you through this process, write to me at 

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