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How can I help you come to Canada?

Updated: Mar 23

It's 2024, and your most important goal or New Year resolution is to emigrate from your country to Canada. Please keep reading to find out how I can help.

Alejandro, in downtown Toronto - Canada
Alejandro, in the center of Toronto - Canada, on a snowy day

Who is Alejandro González?

I emigrated from Venezuela to Ecuador (2016) due to the political, economic and social crisis that has expelled more than 7 million people from Venezuela.

In 2018, I applied for political asylum in the United States, and my case was shelved until 2020.

So, I withdrew my asylum case in 2020 because I acquired permanent residency in Canada.

I am an immigrant like you, and I was in two countries before coming to Canada.

I am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant accredited by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) of Canada.

Therefore, I am dedicated to helping people to migrate legally, orderly and safely to Canada.

What can I do for you?

For those who don't understand what I do, here I leave you a list of things that can help you with ✔️ and others that we are not dedicated to❌.

😃😁😜 Things I can help you with :

✔️ Inform you about some visas you can come to Canada.

✔️ In addition, you can read and learn about the provinces and territories of Canada and how you can immigrate to your favorite province on our website for free.

✔️ Advice, mentoring and coaching about what you should do to fulfill your Canadian dream.

✔️ Personalized and individual advice for applying for a Canadian visa.

✔️ We do the entire visa process for you! (If you sign a retainer agreement with us).

✔️ You can write to us on WhatsApp and/or email, where we give answers to general questions for free.

What can't I do for you?

Plan to immigrate to Canada
Immigrating to Canada requires having a plan

❌ We do not process, nor do we look for jobs for you, nor do we provide employment in our firm.

❌ We do not sell or help get free airline tickets to travel to Canada.

❌ We cannot send a visa to your home and/or email if you have not applied.

❌ We cannot bring you to Canada and provide you with a house, food, employment, and money for your children (those are lies from influencers to get more views and likes).

❌ We cannot pay you, nor the Canadian government will pay for an English and/or French course in Canada (except Quebec, but you have to come on your own as a student or temporary worker first)

❌ We do not know companies that pay for everything to bring you to Canada (those are lies from influencers to get more views and likes).

❌ We don't know about ghost towns that pay you everything to live in there (those are lies from influencers to get more views and likes).

We hope that this article has been helpful to you; if you want to talk to me to guide you through the process to immigrate to Canada, write to me at 

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