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Express Entry for Trade Workers For workers who are skilled in trades and want to become permanent residents in Canada.

Participants in this program do not need to have a certain number of points, unlike express entry for skilled workers or Canadian experience. Which are the requirements?

The basic requirements are:

1.     Work experience in the trade in which you are an expert for at least two years within the last 5 years by the time you apply for this program.

2.     Ability to speak and listen in English with a minimum of 5 points according to the CLB or 5 in French in the same skills according to the NCLC.

3.     Ability to read and write in English with a minimum of 4 points according to the CLB or 4 in French in the same skills according to the NCLC.

4.     Have a full-time job offer of a minimum duration of 1 year and meet the requirements of the job.

5.    TEER job offer category 2, 3.

In Canada, there is a need for labor in construction sector, such as:





Heavy truck drivers.

Bus drivers.



Hair Stylists.

Vehicle assemblers.





To work as such, you need to have a valid work permit, and practice license (if applicable) issued by the regulatory body of the province, where you are going to practice your trade.

Particularly, you must have the Red Seal Endorsement certification, as an indication that you meet the requirements to practice your trade.

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